Monday, November 26, 2007

Vitamin Supplement - Should you or shouldn't you take vitamins?

Over this past weekend, Mike and I went to donate blood. My iron count was 1% too low, so I sat in the waiting area while Mike did his sharing of bodily fluids--in a good way.

The most recent Readers Digest was on the table (pictured above). The blaring title, The Vitamin Hoax, immediately caught my eye. Let me just say that I take enough pills everyday to warrant a friendly family joke about it. Yes, they are all vitamins, minerals, or healing herbs.

I read the RD article and was amazed to find a number of vitamins that I take on the "avoid" list.

Being that I've been totally healthy for almost 1.5 years now (aside from muscular strain here and there), and used to get sinus problems 3-5 times a year, I'm very hesitant to bail on my beloved vitamins and herbs.

Dr. Weil says that there are conflicting views and that every few years there's a "vitamin scare." You can read about it on his web site.

In the end, I'm going to stick with my regimen. The idea for this pill-popping was given to me by a friend. Her suggestion was to create a list of past illnesses--starting as far back as you can remember. Then go to Prescription for Nutritional Healing and see what vitamins they suggest taking for each of these illnesses.

In the end you have a chart over time showing what might be missing from your diet.

What's interesting is, when I did this, I began to notice a pattern of common minerals or vitamins that appeared to be lacking based on the conditions that I had had. I devised a supplement program based on these findings and the recommendations in Nutritional Healing. This was about a year ago, and I haven't looked back since. Well, until the RD article.

I thank RD for printing an article that caused me to look further into the wisdom (or lack thereof) of what I'm doing. For now, it sounds like the best path. So, I'll stick with it (sorry, RD).

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Anonymous said...

I take them, including a formula to boost the immune system. I went from being frequently ill during the Fall and Winter months to getting only one cold over a 2 year period.

Thank you for the book recommendation! I shall look for it in my library this weekend.