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Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

This recipe is one of the best Stuffed Mushroom recipes I've ever had. It's compliments of Barbara Swain's book, Cookery for 1 or 2. It was my very first cookbook, and even 50+ (literally) cookbooks later, I still love this book. It's been duck taped together and the pages are falling out. I've had this book for over two decades, and it shows!

I truly hope you enjoy them as much as I do. (Green is my own comments.)

Stuffed Mushrooms (I always double, triple, or quadruple this recipe.)
8-10 (~1/4 pound) fresh medium-sized mushrooms (White shrooms are best.)
1 T butter (I use just enough olive oil, canola oil, or ghee to saute.)
1 T minced shallots or 2 T minced onion (I must say, shallots are WAY tastier.)
1/4 t Worcestershire sauce (One of my favorite tastes, I'm generous on measuring this.)
1/4 c soft breadcrumbs, lightly packed (No need to store buy. Just finely tear/crumble up some old bread.)
1/4 c shredded sharp cheddar cheese, lightly packed (Feta works well, too.)
Salt and pepper to taste
2 T water (This has made them too runny for me. So, I never use it.)

Preheat 350 degree (175 Celsius) oven. Quickly wash mushrooms and drain on a paper towel. Pull stems from shooms and finely chop. Melt butter in a small skillet over medium-low heat. Add chopped mushroom stems and shallot or onion. Saute until tender and translucent. Stir in Worcestershire sauce (yummy!), soft breadcrumbs, cheese, salt and pepper. Salt (I pepper instead) the insides of the shroom caps and fill with sauteed mixture, mounding over the top. At this point, they may be refrigerated up to 24 hours. Before serving, put 2 T of water in a shallow dish (I don't add the water) and arrange the stuffed shrooms in the dish. Bake about 20 min's. Serve hot.

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