Monday, November 12, 2007

Choosing Happiness

Happiness is a choice.

One of the wisest things that my former husband ever said to me was,

"Only you can make you happy."
We were in college at the time, and I was upset--most likely someone had called me fat or I thought someone was laughing at me. Interesting how 20+ years later, the paranoia has subsided. Wow, does that mean I'm actually growing up? Or just realizing that he was right:

True happiness comes from within.
Dr. Joe Vitale, from The Secret, has a recent post listing "10 ways to get happy." He offers 10 suggestions to bring you out of a slump or momentary set back, such as being with your pet, dancing to music (one of my favorites!), giving to someone else, set an intention, say 'thank you', watch a movie, have some comfort food, detach, and smile.
I do believe that accepting and experiencing your current feelings is very important, but have had times of "stuckness" or self-pity or doubt about almost everything. That's when it's time to give yourself a nudge towards happiness, or in some cases a good hard push.
Here's my own list of happiness tips:
1. Take a walk.
2. Engage in a Hatha Yoga practice with a nice long savasana at the end.
3. Pranayama or Yogic breathing techniques to enhance life force--pay particular attention to the less dominant nostril and where the breath is in the nostrils.
4. Follow the Asanas and Pranayama with Meditation.
5. Journal at least 10 things that you are grateful for. Then maintain the feeling of gratitude as you write what you're ready to embrace--such as "I fully embrace joy and true happiness."
6. Hug someone.
7. Make *whoopie*.
8. Take a candlelit bath.
9. Dance with reckless abandon in your living room--not to some sappy love song, but to something uplifting like 3 Little Birds.
10. Pray with faith and trust.
and of course.... Love Much,


Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


Everyday Yogini said...

You just *knew* I needed to read that right this second, huh?

Thanks Kris!!

rand(om) bites said...

I'm feeling the same way as *everyday yogini*. I wrote a woe-is-me post before my current one and had to delete it. You're so right about happiness and we can choose whether we focus on the good stuff or the bad. What's so bad in our lives anyway? Time to pick up my practice again and stop sooking. Thanks hon, inspiring post!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! :oD

GlamSpirit said...

You're totally right. Happiness is definitely a choice and some days I have to work harder for it that others. Usually a swim at the beach or a bath with my favorite scents gives me a boost. Music and dancing also tends to do the trick (for me, at least).