Monday, November 26, 2007

Sacred Space

Zena Moon (Carla Blazek) recently entered a post about creating a personal space. She addresses the space not just of the physical, but of the emotional and mental as well.

When I think of a personal space, I think of somewhere that is safe and "at home." A sacred place where I can completely be myself without judgement.

Just last night, I was reading The Circle, by Laura Day. Chapter 3 talks about having a ritual. She suggests creating a sacred space for that ritual, and I realized that the most sacred space is within.

With this is mind, here's the comment that I left on Zena Moon's post:

I love what you said about sacred spaces. Just yesterday I was reading about creating a special place. As I sat, I closed my eyes and paused from the reading. I let out a surrendering sigh, and felt my sacred space deep within me. As I softly opened my eyes, I came to realize that my sacred space is not just where I have an alter or a special room in my home. It is in my heart and stays with me always.

With that said, it wasn't always that way for me. There were years (over a decade) when I only felt safe in my (now former) husband's arms. Then for a while there seemed nowhere that was "home." Then only with my kids. Then only with kids or meditating. Then in nature. Then when teaching. The list went on and on.

After years of meditating and the experience of coming back to Source again and again with the help of Yoga, I finally can rest inside. Maybe not all of the time, but even a glimpse of true inner peace is enough to bring me back to meditation and Yoga over and over.

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Doe Grozs Art said...

Interesting that I find your post about sacred space (I'll have to read Carla's)because I just got back from yoga class and at the end of class, I took them to a "sacred space" during relaxation/meditation.
I have been doing more and more of this lately, knowing that the internal space is the only "space" I could really count on!