Friday, November 9, 2007

Eucalyptus Oil

Inspired by Everyday Yogini's comment regarding my last post on healthy gums and tea tree oil, I'd like to share another essential oil tip.

Whenever I feel a tickle in my throat, I use eucalyptus oil by sprinkling a few drops on my pillow just before going to bed. Eucalyptus can burn the skin and you definitely don't want to get it in your eyes. So, I'm careful to sprinkle just to the far sides of my pillow and allow it to soak in while I keep my head centered. By the time I'm rolling around and moving my head, the oil has soaked in and only the fresh fragrance is left.

This is one of the "tricks" that has kept me in keen health and with clear sinuses for over a year and a half now--which for me is a huge improvement!

Enjoy great health,


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Everyday Yogini said...

What a terrific idea! With a three year old in the house, we are always battling with viruses... I'm going to give this a try tonight! Thank you!

Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

Hope it works well for you!

rand(om) bites said...

Will have to give it a go too! Can you tell I'm catching up on blogs :-)