Friday, November 23, 2007

The Little Things

It's the moments -- not the big events -- that count the most. Years ago I saw an interview of a child who's mother had died of cancer. The mom knew she was dying for years and had the time to really prepare her children (as much as one is able to prepare for such a thing).

When asked what positive memories stood out the most for her, the little girl did not reply, "Disney World" or any of their other fun vacations. She quietly said it was "eating cereal with my mom." She went on to say how sometimes at night, if she couldn't sleep, she and her mom would sneak into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. This private time just being together is what the child remembered best and with fondness.

It's the little things. It's the moments of every day. So, when you think about gratitude, especially at this time of year, remember the little things.

My little thing this morning was opening up a new fun box of tissues. Call me crazy, but these brightly colored boxes of tissues (pictured above), make me smile!

Love Much,


Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


Doe Grozs Art said...

When I first saw the picture, I thought they were big boxes on a wooden floor...ah, yes, I agree with the simple things that give us the greatest joy. Mostly it is when i see a child smile in my art class, or when someone says thanks and appreciates something you have done...
You are going to LOVE Machu Picchu! I did!!!

Everyday Yogini said...

I absolutley agree it is the small, everyday, moments that define our lives and tend to be what we remember.

And Kris, I love those little tissue boxes too. They are so happy!

shinyyoga said...

agreed : )
Like they always say... on yr deathbed you won't be wishing you had bought the big car or be worried about how many hours you worked, but you'll be wishing you spent more time with those close to you, laughing with those you love, and enjoying the simple pleasures - like colour and love!!

fab post x