Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sexy Yoga ?

Check out the photo of Sean Corn at this link: I'm all for helping out children with aids. A wonderful cause, no doubt about it. What draws my attention is the horrible posture that Ms Corn, world-famous Yogini, takes physically. I've seen this type of stance from her on many photos and I think it sets a very poor example for what Yoga can do for you.

Yoga can help with posture, hip problems, back problems, and so many other physical ailments. Why water this down in the name of "looking sexy?" Hasn't "sexy" caused a lot of problems for us? Don't get me started on high heel shoes or having to suck your belly in to look skinnier than any average body was meant to be!

Can't sexy be a glint in the eye? A Mona Lisa smile? A subtle wink? And nowhere in the Yoga texts does it talk about being sexy.

I personally like to feel sexy every now and then, but not when I'm publicly representing Yoga.

It's not just this one photo, either. There have been a number of erotic, or close to it, photos of this particular Yogini in various magazines. For example, in the Aug 2007 Yoga Journal on page 119, there she is again; nude with 2 other women. This ad is for women empowerment.

Call me a crazy, but I don't need to be naked and held tightly by another naked woman to feel empowered!

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GlamSpirit said...

Really good point here. To me, an empowered, sexy woman is one who stands up tall and radiates from within.