Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Buzzing - The Voice of God?

The gentle flowing movements of the asana practice begin to cool down. My heart rate slows and the rhythm of me breath deepens as it fills every cell of my being. Finally, after twisting, turning, and seeing the world upside down, it is time to rest. This final rest prepares me for the icing on the cake, pranayama and meditation.
To merge with the vastness of the Universe. To hear the voices of angels. Nadi Shodhana brings balance to my energy and mind. At last, meditation is not sought after. Rather it spontaneously emerges from the silence that has been cultivated over the past hour or two.
As I sit in this state of bliss and knowing, I hear a humming in my inner ear. Many teachers have told me this is the Universal energy buzzing, and only at such a deep place can it be heard. Have a reached Nada? Am I hearing the sound that cannot be heard?
Excitement fills my body. I decide to check on this experience from one more teacher, Doug Keller. My respect and admiration for this kind, gentle, and brilliant teacher is why I turn to him.
It takes a few weeks, but Mr. Keller responds. Alas, the humming I hear is not nada, or the voice of God, it's tinnitus!
Well, I might not have heard the Universal energy buzzing through me, but I have found a wonderful teacher of both the physical, mental, and spiritual :-)

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