Monday, January 21, 2008

Zukav - Soul to Soul Review

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been thoroughly enjoying Gary Zukav's book, Soul to Soul. His words are wise and very accessible to the average Jo. It's a collection of one to three page short stories.

These anecdotes describe what at first seem like "every day" occurrences. The beauty comes about through Gary's heart-felt interpretations of these events.

He definitely walks the talk; he finds the sacred in every moment and every breath of each day.

One of my favorite stories, and I have several, begins on page 82. Zukav tells of when he was a young Green Beret in Hong Kong. At one point, with an attitude of pride and self-centeredness, he puts out his burning cigarette on the sidewalk of the city. Moments later an elderly gentleman comes up gently taps Mr. Zukav on the shoulder.

Without saying a word, this older man holds out the butt to return it to its owner, smiling kindly the whole time. Gary thanks the man and puts the butt in his pocket.

In Soul to Soul more detail is given; the heart of the words refer to the widmon of this elderly man. He offered the trash without judgement or harshness.

Littering has been a peeve of mine, but I usually just pick up after someone--not teaching them anything. The only option that I've seen, until now, is to get angry and try to "make" someone pick up their garbage. This awakened man shares a third and wise option: To show someone another way through compassion and an open heart.

I highly recommend this fabulous book of wisdom and profound insights.

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