Friday, January 11, 2008

Tips on Getting Pregnant

*No this is not me! Photo compliments of wikipedia, as digital cameras didn't exist when I was pregnant (maybe they did, but you get a feel for more age--I mean wisdom!).*

Question: I have been trying to get pregnant and was curious if there were any yoga poses that could help?

Response: Yoga is known to relax us and too much stress can make getting pregnant tough. Dr. Timothy McCall talks at this here:

Another helpful site is which lists a few poses as helpful.

Most importantly, I think, is to relax into the poses and NOT stress yourself out over having a baby. Instead use this time (especially with legs on wall pose) to visualize having a baby or being pregnant. Use all five senses. If it's getting pregnant (and not just having a baby, which could include adoption) you might imagine the sounds, smells, tastes, feel, and sight of you carrying a child in your womb. Perhaps even caress your belly with gratitude that you have a baby growing inside of you.

The keys are:
1. Visualize
2. Extend gratitude as if you are pregnant now
3. Express love for this soon to be born child

Watch out for negative feelings and do NOT focus on the lack of not having a child yet. In my opinion, these steps while resting in one of the three yoga postures (legs on wall, goddess/cobbler, and/or bridge) would be worth a try for at least a month.

Finally, if you pray or attend a church (or something similar) that offers prayer requests, then use this too--but remember to focus on the having of a baby or being pregnant or giving birth to a healthy child. I've heard of a couple of folks conceiving through prayer.

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