Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moment of Truth

Tonight yet another reality television program launches into millions of peoples living rooms--if they choose to watch.

This one is called Moment of Truth and quite honestly I don't see why anyone could condone such a program. When did watching people ruin their lives and create sorrow for themselves and others become entertainment? I purposefully am not including a link to info on this "show" as they do not need more people checking it out.

However, I'm compelled to question the premise of it. People will come on and be hooked up to a lie detector and have to answer 21 questions honestly. Prior to the filming, the contestants' backgrounds are delved into. Family, co-workers, neighbors, and friends are investigated in attempt to find "juicy" questions to ask.

The questions (if answered honestly) cause pain and discomfort to people. For example, an obese woman asks if "obese people disgust you?" Remember, if it's asked that means that according to the pre-show research, the answer would be yes. To look at your spouse and say whether-or-not you sometimes think about being with someone else. The list goes on and on.

On the radio (WKLH - Milwaukee) this morning, I heard that this show was banned from a country after a woman confessed to hiring a hit man to take out her husband and still took home $25,000!

In Yoga the sutras site the importance of honesty (satha). However, they also (and before satha is mentioned) say to be kind (ahimsa).

I am a very honest person and am pretty strict about it while raising my children. But to use honesty as an excuse to humiliate and treat someone with such cruelty is ridiculous.

This is not entertainment! Airing this program promotes the human race moving in a backwards direction. So many people are learning to open their hearts and take responsibility for their lives. Why doesn't that make the television? Public TV does their best and offers wisdom of leaders such as Wayne Dyer or Christian Northrup.

It saddens me that watching people air their pain and bring it upon others is what sells commercial time. My hope is that one day soon, the public will cry out for programs that bring more love and compassion into their hearts. Not sorrow and grief.

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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Laura said...

What a great post! What we need is love...