Friday, October 5, 2007

Sanskrit - OM - Shanti - Namaste

Q: What are the Sanskrit words that we use at the end of every class?

A: At the end of my classes (and many others) there are 3 words used:


Shanti means peace. It is pronounced as it looks with the 'a' being like the 'a' in 'father'. The 'i' sounds like the 'e' in 'he'.

Namaste has a few translations meaning pretty much the same thing--I honor and bow to the divine spark in you, which is also in me. The first two 'a's are like the 'a' in 'father'. The 'ste' sounds like 'stay' with a softer 't' sound.

OM is a bigger subject. It is an ancient sound. Physics tells us that everything is actually a vibration. OM is the vibration of all things. When we chant this sound in unison, it brings the energy of the groups together. We can feel the vibrations inside our body, helping our inner awareness to grow.

The translation of OM is AUM.

A: First letter in the Sanskrit alphabet
Creation, birth, beginning
Wakeful state

U: In the middle of the Sanskrit alphabet
Sustaining, life, middle
Dream state

M: The last letter of the Sanskrit alphabet
Dissolution, death, end
Dreamless state

Finally, there is silence as the vibrations wash over you. This silence represents returning to the source. A state of samadhi or nirvana.

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