Friday, September 7, 2007

Meditation Techniques - Using the Light

Q: I see white blurry light when meditating with open eyes. At times tears form. Sometimes purple blobs of light come up. This can happen during a Yoga pose or when sitting. Do you know anything about this?

A: Let me start by saying it is not uncommon for people to see an inner light with eyes closed. I am not as familiar with eyes open. With that said, here are some things to consider:

Be sure you are breathing fully. Some novices hold their breath to get a "head rush" and see colors! This is NOT helpful or spiritual in any way. If your breath is comfortable and you are not forcing, then the light can be a deeper more energetic and positive experience.

There are two frames of thought on how you can use the light to deepen your spiritual experience. One is to meditate on the light as if you are moving closer to the source of it.

Another is to notice three distinct phases. The first is labeling the color, such as calling it "white". This is the grossest and most physical stage or dharana. Next is to focus on the light and the process of simply observing it. This is dhyana Finally, you absorb the light and merge with it. Here you have reached samadhi.

If you meditate with open eyes, tears can form from lack of blinking and the need to re-moisten. Or, it can be an emotional release. You will know best, as dry eyes are uncomfortable and emotional release feels..... well, releasing.

Finally, it is important to consider possible physical aspects of the color. I asked an eye doctor about this and she said, "Retinal nerve fiber processing can become overloaded from staring at a single object or space, creating the appearance of colors or spots. Blinking and eye movement restore retinal functioning. If the cornea dehydrates from reduced blinking, dryness and then swelling can certainly alter the vision."

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