Sunday, September 2, 2007

Benefits of Yoga - Standing All Day

Q: I'm a 58 year old woman who has a job where I'm my feet all day long. My back and my knees are starting to bother me and I have heard so many good benfits about doing yoga. Do you think this would be good for me?

A: Thanks for the inquiry. Posture is a huge impact of how our body handles standing often. Yoga brings great awareness to where the weight is on your feet and how the body aligns. This can greatly help with posture and thus how your body handles standing all day. We, also, learn about not collapsing into the body, but rather expanding. In Yoga, you work with rooting as well as lifting. This is very useful in preventing (or lessening) getting tired after being on your feet a long time. As for the knees, it's all about alignment and finding the proper balance in the surrounding muscles. Yoga postures use a mix of strengthening and stretching to find that balance.
I'd recommend finding an experienced teacher to help with these alignment principles.

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