Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hatha Yoga

There was a post last week at Cupcakes and Yoga asking "What Kind of Yogi Are You?" For kicks here are my answers--feel free to comment with your own responses.

How do you choose a yoga class?
Pretty much I only attend workshops now, and usually its because I've read things that the presenter has written and found them inspiring.

What kind of water bottle do you bring to class?
I never drink during a regular practice. Rodney Yee once said that "drinking water during a practice messes with your energy system." I hydrate before and after only.

What song always puts you in the mood to bust out a yoga pose?
None. My Yoga is almost always in silence. Three Little Birds by Marley gets me dancing in the middle of dinner, but no music makes me want to "bust out a yoga pose."

What’s your favorite drink for rehydration after yoga?
It's odd for me to sweat during Yoga, but I always hydrate with water--about 20 fluid ounces to start every day.

What do you do before class while you’re waiting for your teacher to arrive?
Depends on the people next to me and what my body/mind feel like. Sometimes restoratives. Sometimes sun salutations. Sometimes I chat quietly.

Who are your closest friends?
My family.

It’s your birthday: What do you ask for?
Today? A working laptop and fixed car!

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GlamSpirit said...

I like the fact that you wrote out your own answers for the quiz. :) Bob Marley makes you bust a move during dinner eh? so cute.