Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Interesting article called Prana Energy (found by clicking on this link). The author is not shown. So, personally, I'd take it with a large grain of salt. However, I have been studying Yoga for quite some time now (5-10 year now, depending on what you define as "studying"), and there are some good points raised in this article.

The author, talks about Citta and its relationship to Prana. Citta is frequently translated as the mind consciousness. Prana is basically energy or life force. These are the quick-and-dirty definitions, but if you follow the links you'll see that the translation can become much deeper and more complex. (No wonder there are so many translations of the Bible!) Regardless, there is definitely a tie between Citta (mind) and Prana (energy). There is an old Chinese saying, "The Yi leads the Chi." That is, the mind, your thoughts, lead the energy, your blood/energy/life force.

The article goes on to say that when the prana or breath is still, the mind or citta is still. This is where breath retention comes into play. Be very careful with breath retention, it is best to consult a teacher prior to the practice and have someone to guide you with questions. When you are ready for comfortable breath retention, it can be quite a powerful practice, as it slow the thoughts running through the mind.

Later in the article, the author comments on how your relationships with others lets you know how well your practice is going. This is key. If your practice is not providing deeper more compassionate relationships, then look to shift or adjust your practice. Practice of hatha or pranayama and meditation is a wondrous time to cultivate compassion for the self and others.

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