Thursday, April 26, 2007

Global Warming - What does it have to do with Yoga?

My brother-in-law seems to think Global Warming is a hoax. I got this info second hand, so you know how that goes. Perhaps, what he meant was that "we" are not the cause of it. Admittedly, I have not spent weeks researching the topic, but have poked around and every study I could find, pointed to the human race. Regardless of what you personally think about the cause, it's pretty hard to not take at least some of the responsibility. Unless you're Amish and have no electricity or car.

The 8 limbs of Yoga, found in the Yoga Sutras, talk about satha or truthfulness. When you honestly look at the greenhouse effect, the fact that we all are part of it becomes pretty obvious. (Again, the Amish and some "non-civilized" tribes are free of this.) The first yama in the 8 limbs is ahimsa or non-violence. Are we, as a race, treating the world with compassion or are we causing harm? Asteya, non-stealing, questions if we are taking from the other creatures, such as the polar bears, sharing this planet with us. The fifth yama is aparigraha, or to be non-greedy. Do we take more than we need?

All sounds pretty grim? Right? Here's the positive: There is one more yama, brahmacharya, which means to move toward truth. How can we move toward truth?

By fostering an attitude of hope and belief in our ability to turn things around!

How do we do that? With a positive attitude, which brings on positive actions!

Attitude, according to the Anusara tradition, is a primary part of our Yoga practice. I would say, attitude is a primary part of our life, no matter what.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." - Winston Churchill

Having trouble getting a positive outlook and believing that the human race can change it's ways? Check out these links to be inspired:

A positive attitude brings on great new ideas that can make a difference,

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