Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pranayama Techniques - CD Review

Have you ever wondered if your breathing "right" in your Yoga class? Some teachers encourage the Ujjayi (victorious uprising or breath of sound) to be loud enough to be heard across the room; others suggest maintaining a low gentle hum.

In Doug Keller's Pranayama CD, his soothing and gentle voice leads you into a state of deep relaxation and awareness by using the breath. There are 8 tracks on this CD taking about one hour. You can use any of these tracks on their own or together.

The CD opens with a mantra and then gets into the Ujjayi breath. From there Doug teaches a modified Viloma (interrupted breath) and 3-part breathing. Finally, he incorporated Kumbhaka (breath retention).

Mr. Keller's explainations are deeply rooted in philosophy. His poetic, yet practical, instructions offer the perfect means to deepening your pranayama practice. If you have never practiced pranayama, this CD is a wonderful way to start. At the same time, after years of devotion to pranayama, Doug enlightened me to many new aspects of this fine art.

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