Friday, June 22, 2007


These are photos from our New Zealand adventure in 2006. This year we have a much closer destination, but intend to have just as much fun!

Last year, was the first year ever that I took off for 2 whole weeks to just enjoy life and be with my family. Upon returning, the answers to questions that had been eating away at me prior to leaving were clear as day. I felt a freshness and a calm that all of my years of meditation hadn't brought.

Meditation defintiely had, and does, help to maintain that clarity or get closer to it, but for me it was 2 weeks of being completely present and not being pulled by anyone or anything other than the love of Mike and the boys or the call of the mountains. It was truly blissful.

The key to arriving home with such clarity about my life and career was a promise I had made before leaving. I had vowed to not think at all about decisions yet undecided or concerns of my life and its direction. I had taken an oath to only enjoy, observe, and embrace this new country and all that it had to offer. Like magic, upon returning, decisions were easy and life felt full, really full.

A dear friend, student, and director/producer at New Moon Productions told me that the years after her first 2 week vacation, she took 3, and then 4 weeks. Every year she travels for at least one month consecutively. The "new start" feeling afterwards, simply cannot be beat.

So, I will not be posting or even using a computer or answering any phones for the next 2 weeks. Like a 2 week savasana, I intend to surrender more fully than I ever have, to embrace every experience and to see the beauty in everything!

So, until July 9, or so, enjoy the words of Jane Kenyon:


Let the light of late afternoon

shine through chinks in the barn,

moving up the bales as the sun moves down.

Let the cricket take up chafing

as a woman takes up her needles and her yarn.

Let evening come.

Let dew collect on the hoe abandoned in long grass.

Let the stars appear

and the moon disclose her silver horn.

Let the fox go back to its sandy den.

Let the wind die down.

Let the shed go black inside. Let evening come.

To the bottle in the ditch, to the scoop in the oats,

to the air in the lung

let evening come.

Let it come as it will, and don't be afraid.

God does not leave us comfortless,

so let evening come.

Love Much,


Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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yogaglamgirl said...

Excellent. The only way to recharge is to "unplug" for a while. Have a blast! much love! ~YGG