Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smile - Smile and the whole world smiles with you

I'm in the midst of writing a book on the practice of Yoga and have found that the coffee shop down the street is the perfect location to work on it. At Cup of Java, there is no audible requests for my attention from the three cats or the dog. There is no inner requests in my mind to do a load of laundry or search through the frig. I'm drinking a lot more coffee, albeit decaf, but this is the price I pay for ease in focus.

Yesterday, an elderly white-haired man and his wife came into Cup of Java while I was typing away on my laptop. After getting their drinks, they sat down on the leather sofa adjacent to where I was working. The gal that was running the shop stepped into the restroom, and the white-haired man got up to open and close the door a number of times. Each time, the buzzer, signalling a new customer had arrived, went off loudly.

Curious, I asked jokingly, "Are you just trying to be annoying?" To that he replied, "I'm making the gal that works here think there's a bunch of customers out here while she's in the bathroom." He and his wife gave a little chuckle. His amusement in this innocent prank was nothing shy of charming.

Thinking about how much fun BJ and Jake (my sons) would find this, I mentioned, "I'll have to tell my kids about you. You will be there new idol of mischief." We all laughed, as the gentleman told me how he pulls small pranks all the time.

"I would do anything to bring a smile," he told me.

How wonderful to have a focus every day of bringing a smile to those around you. This made me think about a cheery student, A.K., that sets his intention every day to experience joy. He told me that when he started thinking joy, he got more of it. He is definitely joyful to be around. He's one of those students that is always gracious and wearing a smile.

When A.K. signed up for his first Yoga class earlier this year, on his registration sheet he wrote Joy as his main expectation from Yoga. You know what he got? Joy.

What intention do you have?

Love Much,


Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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