Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Third Chakra - Empowerment

Picture two people walking into a room. One seems to glide across the floor with balance in her center. She bends down to pick a pencil off the floor and maintains excellent posture. As she turns and moves you notice how stable her core remains. The other one comes in dragging her feet slightly. Her shoulders bow forward towards the front body as if she had spent too many years behind a computer. As she stoops down to pick a paper up off the floor, her low back curves demonstrating the lack of core support. As she continues to move about the room, you become aware of a lack of struture or integration--her body seems to flop about haphazardly.

Who do you think feels better about herself? Who is empowered and more likely to be living their own truth? Which lady would you guess stands up for what she believes in and acts from a place of courage?

It's a pretty good bet, that the first woman is the one living with self-integrity and power. Odds are the second one is simply going through the motions as she truges along in life.

Of course, this is not always the case, but think about it. Do you feel better emotionally when your body is slumped and dragging? Or when you are fit and strong? I'd be surprised if you choose the former of the two.

Hatha yoga is directly related to the strength in your body and thus your mind. In Anatomy of Hatha Yoga, David Coulter says, "...concentrate at first... to build strength and to do this from the inside out, starting with the central muscles of the torso...." (page 18).

When you increase core strength, you open the third chakra and grow in personal power. As yogis it is our responsibility to use that power to live our own truth as well as to nourish and inspire others.

Check out these core strengtheners at Yoga Journal.

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