Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mindfulness Meditation - Being Mindful of Your Thoughts

The other day Jake, my youngest son, was playing soccer in the rain. Wanting to see the game, but not wanting to stand in the rain, I parked my car in a prime spot to watch the game. The windshield started out clear and the view was great. Within a few minutes a smattering of rain drops sat on the window, but I could still see what was happening although the clarity was diminished. After five minutes or so, the view was almost completely obstructed and I'd have to flip on the wipers to clear away all the water and see clearly again.

Like the mind and thoughts. When we remove (or release attachment) to our thoughts, we can see clearly and know our source and live from a place of wisdom. Each thought that we hang onto becomes the raindrop on the windshield--gather enough of them and we cannot see (or even remember) our spirit that connects us all together.

Meditation, breath awareness, Hatha yoga, and walking in nature are a few methods to turn on the wipers and return to a place of knowing. Sometimes life is like being in a thunderstorm and that place of knowing is only a glimmer and disappears quickly. At other times it is easier to clear away the grasping thoughts and be in peace for longer periods.

If you find yourself attached to thoughts or just not "getting it", you might try Eckhart Tolle's suggestion of periodically throughout the day notice your thoughts and ask these two questions:

1. Am I the thoughts running through my mind?

2. Or am I the observer of these thoughts?

Finally, one last bit of wisdom from Tolle:

"Don't take thoughts too seriously."

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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