Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've been - TAGGED

Just to show how internet / blog savvy I am--not..... Yoga Glam Girl tagged me and I had no idea what it was :-) Ah, there is always something to learn. Thanks, YGG :-) Here are my answers to the questions:
BTW, the photo is about 2 years old at a Yoga Teacher Trianing with Todd Norian in a barn in MA.

4 jobs I have held:

1. Favorite job every--being a stay-at-home mom!!!
2. Best paying job--software engineer
3. First job--newspaper route in elementary school :-)
4. Current job and passion--Yoga teacher (and student)

4 movies I can watch over and over:
1. Childhood favorite 1--Sound of Music
2. Childhood favorite 2--My Fair Lady
3. Good laugh--The Office
4. Just plain fun--Princess Bride

4 places I have lived:
(nothing too exotic here....)
1. Lombard, IL
2. Coral Springs, FL
3. Univ of FL
4. Wisconsin

4 Categories of TV programming I enjoy:
1. Comedy--can always use a good laugh
2. Educational--some pbs stuff makes me feel like I'm half-way across the globe
hummmmm, that's about it.
4 Places I have been on Holiday:
1. Best vacation ever--New Zealand
2. 2d best--Ireland
3. Cruise--Bermuda
4. HS tour--Europe (England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy)

4 of my Favorite Dishes:
1. Seafood--was an semi-vegetarian (still had cheese and eggs) for years, but my body is thrilled to have the seafood back in it!
2. Popcorn--my "comfort" food
3. Avocado--during the "eat less fat" craze about 20 years ago, I cut these out. Now I have about 1 a week. My body thanks me :-)
4. Almost all Asian foods (Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese--not too crazy about Korean, sorry Korea...)

4 websites I visit daily:
NOTE: I don't do anything daily, expect pee, sleep and eat.
So, let's say "frequent" websites.
1. My blog
2. Blog friends' blogs
4. Google--always seems to be something interesting to investigate

4 places I would rather be right now:
1. hummmmm..... I really love the here and now. At the risk of getting too philosophical, this is the greatest place, because that's what's "real"--the Now. Yeah, I guess, I'll have to stick with the present moment. Thanks to Thich Nhat Hahn for really teaching me that (through his writings). Also, thanks to Louis Armstrong on the stereo. Life IS good :-)
Now I get to pick 4 other blogger buddies to do this meme:
4. Other folks I thought of have been tagged already. So, we'll leave it at 3.
Finally, the Rod Stryker Workshop info will continue into next week. Post most likely tomorrow.


yogaglamgirl said...

Woooo Hooooo! Really fun getting to know you better. Beautiful pic. I've never been to N Zealand...if it's your number 1 I'll have to add it to my list of future (hopefully) destinations. you were a software engineer? wow. you're right, the jobbies that pay well...glad to hear that you love being a mom. I hope to be one too some time soon.

Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

Only went to Southern New Zealand, because we wanted the mountains at not cities. It was nothing shy of spectacular!! This year a trip out East to visit Mom and see a few sites. Next year, hopefully, Manchu Pichu, Peru :-)
Yep, SW Engineer--weird transition to teaching Yoga, but nice weird.
Hope you get to be a mom someday, too. Took a while to get pregnant--that's a story in itself--but motherhood is definitely my "calling". It's what I love most about life :-)
BTW, great smile/laugh on your face in your "about me" picture :-)