Monday, May 21, 2007

Hatha Yoga - Ayurveda - Rod Stryker - Day 1

For the last 5 days I've been at a Vinyasa Krama (wise progression or sequencing) Workshop with Yoga Plus writer, founder of Para Yoga (previously called Pure Yoga), and renowned Yogi, Rod Stryker.

Over then next week or two, I'll share with you some thoughts on these 5 days. Some I wrote right after class, and some I'll write as I reflect back on the days.

As with any time you here someone's perspective about an event, these are only my thoughts and how I interpreted what Rod offered. It's like the game of telephone, eventually, someone hears the wrong thing and the message is skewed. I will be as accurate as possible.

Here goes.....

Training with Rod Stryker – Day 1

For the last 6 months or so, Rod Stryker has been writing the Asana column for Yoga Plus magazine. I really appreciate the “words of wisdom” that he adds regarding one’s asana practice.

Each time I read his article, it struck a chord with me. Something inside would want to shout, “Yeah! That’s it. I completely agree.”

In my opinion, if you ever find someone or something that resonates with a deep Truth inside of you, then meet them, work with them, study their works, or somehow learn more about these ideas.

So, I had no choice when Mr. Stryker was going to be in Chicago and I live in Milwaukee, but to drive down and see if I could absorb more wisdom and knowledge both for my personal benefit and for the benefit of those that I teach.

Today was my first day meeting Mr. Stryker in person. He strikes me as a very kind, wise, and knowledgeable person.

The subject of this 5-day workshop is Vinyasa Krama, which means wise sequencing.

There was a lot of info passed on via lecture and a wonderful manual that Rod created. We discussed the impact of various asana types, such as forward bends, back bends, laterals, twists, inversions, and extensions. The impacts on Gunas, Chakras, nervous system, Prana Vayu, and Doshas are different based on the types of asanas focused upon.

I had been taught in the past, to get as many types of asanas as possible into a daily practice—with maybe a stress of either forward bends or back bends. “Coincidentally” in the last several months, I have been swaying away from this for various reasons and have even begun writing a book regarding this very topic. Rod, also, suggested to move away from the “try to do it all” practice, and instead have a practice focus on one type of asana. This method provides an awareness of how each type of practice (and asana) impacts the body, mind, and energy (Prana).

I guess I’m not surprised to see that his words are still ringing with Truth to me.

Stay tuned for more workshop sharings :-)

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yogaglamgirl said...

Sounds fantastic! I hope you have a great time and absorb a ton. Looking forward to hearing more. oh, and I've tagged you...would love to see your responses.