Monday, March 30, 2009

Improving Mental Health - Maintaining Weight Loss - (or gain)

Last week's post was based on admiration of Dr. Dyer's quote of the day; today I'd like to share with you another new blog--new to me--that has a great post suggesting Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health.

The American Diabetes Association says, "Approximately 64% of American adults are overweight or obese...." We all know that if we eat right and exercise, our bodies will respond. In high school, my 5' 1" body reached over 145 pounds. I refused to step on the scale again until I knew I had lost some weight. By the end of college, I was down to 96 pounds and had the child-sized wedding dress to prove it!

My weight and food problems stemmed wide and far. They were rooted in deep childhood issues. It wasn't until I began to love and appreciate myself and Life that the weight reached a comfortable zone (~115-120) and I felt fit and healthy. The point is, my body responded with I changed on the inside. Sure exercise and consciously considering what when in my mouth were a big part of it, but the yo-yo shifts in weight stopped when the reason I took care of my body was because I appreciated it and myself and not because I wanted to look or even feel a certain way.

In summary, physical fitness and watching what we eat is great, but until we pay attention to our mental health, attitude, and mindset, our physical health will, at best, be temporary.

Love Much--take care of yourself because you're worth it!


Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


Darcy said...

Great reminders. I would also encourage everyone to talk to your doctor and KEEP talking and asking questions about your cravings. I have had massive sugar cravings most of my life and only recently finally discovered that I have low blood sugar. I'm 38 and in my 2nd pregnancy - the only reason why I'm seeing doctors so frequently. Pregnancy can heighten blood sugar problems and in hindsight, I'm so grateful that I finally figured this out.

Of course there are emotional/mental reasons we turn to food but sometimes there is a real, underlying physical issue that needs to be addressed as well. I'm on a gestational diabetic diet now (eating 6x a day, 3 snacks/3 substantial meals, and pacing carbs throughout the day - no sweets). Now I walk by sweets knowing they taste good but feeling absolutely no desire for them whatsoever. It's amazing what some simple self-awareness can bring to you.

health said...

yeah totally agree with you on that last statement thank you for sharing apart of your story...