Monday, January 5, 2009

A Happy New Year - Cultivating Gratitude

What better way to start the new year than by being grateful for the past year?

Here's my list of 100 things in 2008 that I'm grateful for:

1. Learning to be okay with the mystery.

2. Beginning to understand the power of visualization.

3. Reading books on prayer by Dr. Larry Dossey.

4. Taking the Oprah and Tolle online class about the New Earth.

5. Meeting three wonderful like-minded women.

6. Continuing to get together with these women almost every week to share ideas and what's happening in our lives.

7. Spending New Years with song, dance, friends, and wonderful laughter.

8. Healing in body, mind, and soul.

9. PBS and their fabulous spiritual specials.

10. The Soul Series by Oprah.

11. BJ turning 16 and really developing into an outstanding young man.

12. Jake turning 14 and bringing amazement (via card tricks) and laughter everywhere he goes.

13. My mom coming to visit for the best 5 days we've ever had together.

14. My mom telling me she was proud of me.

15. Becoming a bit wiser; understanding life a bit better. And being okay with what I don't understand.

16. Having a working computer.

17. Receiving the kindest and most sincere thank you notes from dozens of students.

18. Each and every student that crosses my path.

19. Each and every teacher that crosses my path.

20. Friends--old and new.

21. An updated vitamin regime.

22. Outpost natural foods and the organic locally grown food.

23. Penzeys and their awesome aromas.

24. Milk and Honey--locally owned, great staff, healthy products, and great source for info.

25. Hanging out at the Brookfield Farmer's market almost every Saturday this summer.

26. Pippin's long adorable yawns!

27. My partner Mike's devotion, support, understanding and love.

28. Stocks going on sale.

29. Gas prices dropping to $1.69--which I paid on Dec 30, 2008!

30. Knowing how to read.

31. Half Price Books and all the wonderful deals there.

32. Family vacation to Oregon.

33. Delicious restaurants--new and old.

34. Growing yoga business.

35. Living life with more integrity.

36. Being able to inspire others by sharing what I've come to know.

37. Baths in the middle of the day.

38. Impeccable immune system!

39. (Re-)discovering Viniyoga.

40. Having the courage and flexibility to try new paths.

41. Hanging out till Midnight with BJ, Jake, and Mike at Barnes and Noble for BJ to get a new book.

42. Mochas at Cup of Java.

43. Creating a plan for re-doing the living room.

44. Enhancing the right side of my brain.

45. Learning about plasticity of the brain--thank you science!

46. Getting my first Calphalon pans.

47. Being more present.

48. Books on CD.

49. Hearing Ram Dass on youtube.

50. Speaking from my heart and being accepted for it.

51. Slowing becoming less judging and at least realizing (usually) when I am judging.

52. Growing in awareness.

53. Seeing my part in "bad" things and not playing the victim; rather seeing every experience as a lesson--some tough and some easy.

54. Dar Williams and her insights.

55. Dr. Wayne Dyer sharing his wisdom with the world.

56. Eckhart Tolle and his unique explanation of "living in the now."

57. Libraries allowing us all to explore countless topics for free!

58. The internet and researching on it.

59. Creating a useful yoga newsletter that tends to get rave reviews.

60. Opening my heart to religions that I used to veer away from.

61. Walking outdoors.

62. Having an elliptical and actually using it a couple times a week when the weather is rough.

63. Finding a better "exercise" method for my body.

64. Powell books where I found half a dozen books on breathing all with different views.

65. Obama winning.

66. Caring about an election.

67. Some films from Spiritual Cinema; a thoughtful gift from my older sister.

68. Laughter!

69. Having the ability to train with great yogis--Gary Kraftsow and Aadil Palhivala.

70. Being loved and supported by so very many.

71. Having a working hot water heater and dry basement.

72. Opening up continuous group classes in the Home Studio.

73. Starting a meditation class.

74. Meeting new private and group students.

75. Seeing my father and his wife for the first time in about 6 years.

76. Getting along with my father!

77. Taking long walks along Lake Michigan.

78. Enjoying coffee outside at Altera by the Lake.

79. Realizing that feeling the sun on my skin is more valuable to me than overcast, yet warmer, days.

80. Discovering Agave, thanks to Trader's Joe, for sweetening while maintaining balance in the blood sugar.

81. Marcus Buckingham's suggestion of focusing on my strengths.

82. Also using his phrase, "How can I contribute today?" (Which feels better to me than "How can I serve?")

83. Learning the "AH" meditation technique from Dr. Dyer--very powerful.

84. Cooking with the whole family while sipping on red wine and enjoying Edith on the stereo.

85. BJ and Jake helping out so much with the snow!

86. Playing family games, like Cranium, by the fireplace.

87. Jammie days.

88. Letting Pippin run free in the park and watch his entire being flow with happiness.

89. The sound of birds on a winter's day.

90. Sitting on the deck and hearing the wind rustle the leaves in the nearby Maple.

91. Creating a new "Zen" space in our backyard with a swinging bench and flower pots.

92. Meeting Mike for lunch.

93. Netflix and the ease of movie watching at a reasonable fee.

94. Quality movies, like The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn.

95. Every moment that I feel aligned.

96. Every inspiration that feels like a small miracle.

97. Having such a close and open relationship with my children and partner.

98. Being alive another year.

99. All of my senses working.

100. With more frequency I see the Universe working with me, and this is the most beautiful of all--to experience connection with something bigger and feel its truth in my bones.

If I had one intention for 2009, it would be to experience this connection more often until one day it is simply a way of life.

Love Much,


Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


rand(om) bites said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR KRIS! I hope you had a fabulous start to the year :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! We really do have so much to be grateful for, don't we?
2009 feels, to me, like it is going to be a year of gentle sunshine on my face. I feel more settled and optimistic than I have in years!

Hope yours is a great one too, lovely Kris.