Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Emotional Blocks

After writing the post on Spirituality and Money, I realized that in my head I have resolved any conflict between the two. However, in my heart there was still a block. Somewhere deep inside, I still linked money to greed.

In order to help remove this idea and feel in my heart what I believe in my head (that money simple makes you more of who you already are--be it greedy or generous), I created the poster above. (Apologies for any difficulty in seeing it.)

In the center of the poster is "$$$$$$ Money $$$$$$$". Arrows point from money to all the things that money represent to me. For example, there are places that I support financially with donations, there is education, travel, a serene house, medical care, great food, and more.

The idea is to remember that money is by itself worthless. It's what money can buy or do for you that's important. Everything that I do -- purchasing organic food, driving to a friends house, or taking a Yoga workshop -- all cost money. This poster is a reminder that desiring money isn't a greedy thing. It is a means to make so many wonderful things in my life possible.

I placed this poster beneath my alter where I practice Yoga last week. I don't consciously think about it. Rather I allow my vision and the energy behind the meaning of the artwork to fill me as I practice.

I've done this type of thing in the past to remove stubborn blocks. Through Yoga and the awareness it brings, I am able to discover my blocks and then work with them.

If you find a block that just doesn't want to go away, you might wish to try this idea. Create a poster or some type of art--something creative--and place it in a spot that is sacred or important to you. Meditate here. Pray here. After a month, see how you feel, and don't be surprised if your view has shifted.

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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Laura said...

What a great post! I to have struggled with the money vs. spirituality dilemma. What I discovered is they are not mutually exclusive! (Just look at Oprah -- someone I greatly admire for using her money in such fabulous ways!) Money is neutral. We are the ones who keep it from ourselves by attaching negativity to it. Personally, I would love to see you have a million dollars. You are the type of person who would use it wisely and the world would be a better place for it! Money is power and having money in your hands would be beautiful. (I learned this thought when I heard Neale Donald Walsch say, "I guarantee more people hear my message now than when I was homeless.") Money is fabulous and such fun! It is to be enjoyed and cherished, not refused based on spiritual reasons. Goodness! I am quite sure God doesn't care how much money we have!